Thursday, January 08, 2009

Introducing Billington's Blog

According to his employer's web site:

"Prior to joining LICC in November 2007, Antony taught Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology at London School of Theology for sixteen years. As Head of Faculty, his role is to contribute to, and develop, the biblical and theological breadth and depth of the LICC faculty and our ongoing work with Christians, churches, and church leaders."

According to me, he is my best friend, and someone who not only reads more than anyone I know, but has the ability to analyse, understand, compare and contrast the information he assimilates and communicate it to lesser mortals in an understandable, appopriate and non-patronising style.

He has recently started a blog. If you're looking for pictures, humour and one-paragraph answers to all world problems you're better off going somewhere else. But if you are in the market for succinct summaries of seminal works (with an emphasis on Christian theology) past and present, it is worth adding to your RSS feed.


BJMonkey said...

Succinct summaries?
It's not like you to repeat yourself like that father.

brett jordan said...

tautology/redundancy acknowledged mr brook, however, in the academic world some summaries are less succinct that others :-)