Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Macintosh Bargain Box

For £149 Apple are offering the Mac Box Set, which includes:

Mac OS X Leopard

iLife 09 (inc. iPhoto 09, iMovie 09, GarageBand 09, iWeb 09 & iDVD)

iWork ’09 (inc. Pages 09, Numbers 09 & Keynote 09)

To put that into perspective, a one-machine copy of Windows Vista (Home Premium Edition) costs £149, without any extra applications.

And the real kicker is that the Mac Box Set allows you to legally install Leopard and all the applications onto five different computers.

Bravo Apple!


BJMonkey said...

5 different computers ownded and used by only you I assumeses?

brett jordan said...

i've not checked the small print, but i think it is intended for families, although, as you know, Apple take a very lenient view on copy protecting their apps/system installers anyway

ConradGempf said...

Interestingly, there seems to be no educational discount for the box set. So if you're an educational user and only need one copy of each piece, you save just over £20 by buying them separately.

brett jordan said...

Fortunately, I have no education at all, so I can buy the buy-one-get-four-free deal (bigivf)