Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vaio P

Register Hardware reports: [edited]

Say hello to the Vaio P, a 640g mini laptop with a surprisingly better-than-netbook spec. Said 8in LED-backlit display, for instance, has a glossy coating and a 1600 x 768 resolution [!!? Ed].

The P has 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on board and also packs in HSDPA 3G on some models. There's 2GB of memory built in, a 128GB SSD and a "1.6GHz CPU" - though Sony didn't say what kind of 1.6GHz CPU it is, Atom or Core 2. We can confirm it's an Intel part. Graphics come courtesy of the Intel chipset.

The P runs Windows Vista - though there's a fast-boot UI based on the PlayStation 3's XMB interface for quick-access to the net.

Sony claimed the unit features up to four hours of battery life with the bundled standard battery. There's a GPS pick-up, a headphone jack and a pair of USB 2 ports. The P also has a proprietary I/O port.

The Vaio P will retail in the US for $900 (£595/€660). It goes on sale in the UK and Europe in February, but this month in the US.

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BJMonkey said...

I must say I aggree with the !!? edit...
my 17" laptop only just fits 80 more pixels in accross than that!
What kinda jiggery-pokery is this?