Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cheap iPod touch, iPhone stand

Darrin Hudson reports: [edited]

My co-worker Jerry got crafty and made this dope little iPhone stand... out of a binder clip! This is great because i can just leave it in my bag and bring it with me everywhere I go.

I know there are third-party companies that make stands for the iPhone, but they're all ugly as sin and bulky. This is classy, simple and costs 2 cents.


Mr Bill said...

Like it - but there's no Apple® logo on it :-(

brett jordan said...


don't worry, i've got a boxfull of those (including some of the rainbow ones!) i never use them, but i never have the heart to throw them away :-)

BJMonkey said...

Wow, whoever made those things was ahead of his time.

That's like inventing the tin opener before inventing the tin.

brett jordan said...


inchblog said...

It's a bit lumpy to carry around. You need a BatRest which will fold flat and go in your wallet. www.seskimo.com.

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