Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wheelchair back flip

Las Vegas Sun reports: [edited]

Aaron Fotheringham went into the record books as a pioneer in wheelchair sports Saturday. Guinness World Records recorded the Northwest Las Vegas resident, in front of a crowd of more than 300 at Doc Romeo Park, as the first to complete a back flip in a wheelchair.

"It feels awesome to get this," said Fotheringham, 16, who performed the flip before the Vegas AmJam skatepark competition.

To achieve the trick, Fotheringham, rolled down a skatepark ramp to generate enough speed. He then went up another ramp and landed his flip on flat ground.

After getting the record, Aaron Fotheringham competed in the Vegas AmJam finals, and took first in the BMX advanced division. AmJam coordinators allow him to compete with his wheelchair in the BMX division.


BJMonkey said...

Well I do that without ramps!

brett jordan said...

No Brook, what you do is called 'stumbling before falling over', it's a different thing.

BJMonkey said...

The worst thing is, when you do that in a wheel chair, you end up with the thing on top of you and you can't get up. : (