Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why I won't be joining the iPhone queues tomorrow

Since the iPhone's announcement in June, I've been pondering whether I should get one. It looks beautiful. The interface is pure Apple. Intuitive. Clever. Fun. And my first hands-on (with the iPod Touch) reinforced these impressions.

The iPhone is a huge success in the US. And it will continue this success across Europe. For the majority of purchasers it will provide them with a...

- mobile phone
- sms system
- camera
- calendar
- address book
- web browser
- email client
- photo manager/display
- music manager/player
- video manager/player

in a unit that is only a little larger than a conventional mobile phone, and that is a pleasure to look at and use.


The O2 contracts don't suit my usage. I hardly do any voice calls, and very little texting. There's no 3G. I could purchase a 'hacked' iPhone, but I would be at the mercies of the next Apple 'update' turning my expensive PDA into a 'brick'.

The primary use for my iPod is in my car, where it is mounted on my dashboard. The touchscreen interface is not suited to being used 'on the move', and the track information text is too small to be read at a distance.

The video playback is excellent, but it can't handle Quicktime movie trailers. So, just like with my Nokia E65, I would still have to convert them to a suitable format. Or watch the low-res 'Podcast' versions.

I can hook my E65 up to my PowerBook via Bluetooth and use it as a 3G modem. And it browses my Gmail account (using Google's excellent Symbian app) as well as allowing me to check the latest news via various 'mobile-orientated' sites.

Although using the numeric keypad to type messages is clumsy, I can do it without looking at the screen. And when I want to send an SMS message from work or home I use a program called BluePhoneElite on my PowerBook that allows me to use a proper keyboard.

Oh, and I like the fact I can check the time/calendar on my Nokia without switching the phone on.

The camera quality on the iPhone is acceptable, but no match for my Fuji F30. And when you only get one chance to take a photo, I don't want it to be an image that isn't good enough to enlarge and print some time in the future.

And why, oh why, oh why, didn't Apple implement stereo Bluetooth on the iPhone? And WiFi streaming of music to my Airport Express? A micro-SD slot? I'm guessing for the same reason they didn't put a better camera, 3G, etc on it. So they can sell a load more 'new-improved' iPhones in 2008!

For more on my wishlist for iPod touch v.2, read my previous blog.


Jase @ x1 said...

I agree, as much as I would love an iPhone.... and blimey, would I LOVE one! i just cant justify buying something that really doesn't do what I want it to do, and is on a tariff that is, putting it bluntly, crap!
I want an ipod replacement with a decent memory. I want to be able to watch more than one movie on its beautiful screen, and not worry about having to take my vast Level 42 and Howard Jones music collection off, to free space.
I also want to keep my 1000 texts, 600 minutes and unlimited free O2 to O2 calls, and not pay £270 for the privilege of dropping to a lesser tariff!
I have even surprised myself by saying all this as you know me Brett, I want anything Apple as soon as I can get it!
but at that price, that little memory and with that tariff? No thanks... not till version 2 anyway!

Teifion said...

I won't be getting an iPhone on the basis that it's a lot of money and I don't us the phone much. Now, the iPod Touch is another matter, I'm currently holding off for Version 2 for the sort of reasons you have suggested.

Aaron Butler said...

I agree. The iPod Touch is all that you need. I spent a couple of hours with one over the weekend. They are simply incredible, a huge leap forward in personal Music/Video/Image devices. Controls are seamless, design is simple but elegant and I can live with 16GB of 'on-me-anytime' storage. I currently live with a 3rd Generation iPod as I have never longed for any of the newer versions, things have changed! Last thing, connected to my home wireless instantly and the pinch zoom made viewing web pages a doddle.

brett jordan said...

glad you're enjoying the 'touch mr butler... i will watch with interest to see if it is the 'touch or the 'phone that becomes the 'peoples' choice' in the coming months