Thursday, October 18, 2007

iPod touch v.2 wishlist

The iPod touch is a beautiful thing, but it is a typical 'Version 1' product, desirable enough to persuade early adopters to part with their money, but with enough features missing to allow 'new, improved' models to be released in 6 months time.

Things I'd like to see added to the next 'touch are

- Stereo Bluetooth headphones

- Connection to the internet via a mobile phone

- The ability to make notes, calendar entries etc.

- A speaker

- Streaming of music/video via WiFi

- Physical volume buttons

- A couple of programmable macro buttons

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

32 GB of flash storage.
Streaming of movies and music over WiFi from a remote computer.
XviD/DivX codec support.
Longer battery life for videos.
Apps that support dictionaries and/or language translation.