Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New iPods, hands on

After my thespian activity on Saturday, I walked to the Regent Street Apple Shrine to get my first proper look at the latest range of iPods. Here's my first impressions.

iPod Touch: Quite beautiful. Supermodel slim. Gorgeous screen, I can quite imagine watching a full-length movie on it. Touchscreen interface works intuitively and quickly. Web-browsing is smoothly handled, and text is legible. Coverflow was made for the iPod Touch, flicking through the album covers is a tactile treat.

iPod Classic: Feel like 'stop-gap' items. Everything works well, but the screen isn't big enough to watch videos on, and the 160GB model feels positively chunky.

iPod Nano: 70 x 50mm (a credit card is 86 x 54mm), 6.5mm thin (think 5 credit cards, inc. embossing) 50g light (eight 10p coins). It looks a lot better in real life than it does in photos, and it is lovely to hold and use. The screen has the same 320 x 240 pixel resolution as the Classic, which is plenty to display cover art, track data and photos, although, like the Classic, not so great for using Coverflow or watching videos.

iPod Shuffle: Apart from colours, no change here. Still Apple's most elegant model, although I like to 'see' what's playing. And it's just begging to be made into a watch, with Bluetooth headphones.


Teifion said...

On the same day you post this I find a friend with a touch and one with a Nano. I fully agree that the Nano looks much nicer in reality then over the web, similar with the touch.

I think I'll be getting a touch over a classic.

brett jordan said...

Thanks for that Teifion... tomorrow's blog is my 'iPod Touch v.2 wishlist'

brett jordan said...

Oh, (and this is a serious question) what are your reasons for getting a touch rather than a nano?