Friday, September 22, 2006

USB batteries

Fresh from the 'What-A-Good-Idea' department comes the USBCELL. This 1300mAH rechargeable battery has a hinged cap that folds back to reveal a USB connector. This can then be plugged-in to any full-size, powered USB port, avoiding the need for separate recharging devices, cradles or cables.

At 1300mAH, the USBCELL is half the capacity of many conventional rechargeable batteries. However the convenience of being able to recharge or top-up by simply plugging into a USB port is a definite plus.

AAA and 9 volt batteries are being planned, along with power-supplies for a wide range of portable devices including mobile phones and game consoles.


Teifion said...

What about a battery like that that can supply the laptop with power?

Major Look said...

Will it charge my car battery?

brett jordan said...

Teifion: I'm guessing that might need a little more than the 5v, 500mA that USB ports are supplied with.

Major Look: Yes. Use a set of starter leads, connect one set of clips to the battery, and then wedge the other set into the USB ports on your PowerBook. Should be fine.

ConradGempf said...

majorlook, you may want to check out Toyota. I hear that the next Prius will use the built-in dashboard USB dock to draw its drive power from your iPod battery.

Major Look said...

Wow - I thought you were joking, but looking on the interweb I found this:

USB Battery Charger

Thanks conrad.

brett jordan said...