Thursday, September 21, 2006

You want pixels?

Seitz are a Swiss manufacturer with a 50-year history of making high-end specialist photographic equipment, including panorama cameras, enlargers, circular scan cameras, projectors, medium format cameras and livecams for the internet.

The latest addition to their catalogue is a doozy! While it's not going to trouble Canon's market share, the Seitz 6x17 Digital provides anyone who has enough money (and muscle!) with the ability to record 48-bit wide-screen images containing 160 million pixels (21,250 x 7,500).

The 6x17's CCD's data transfer rate is extremely fast, offloading its 160 million pixels at 300 MB per second - 100-times faster than any existing scan back. And if the 640 x 480 pixel preview screen isn't big enough for you, the camera can be plugged directly into a firewire-equipped computer, allowing live-viewing of the pictures taken.

The exposure speed can be dialled down to a very, very rapid 1/20,000 of a second and its light sensitivity is also extraordinary, with an ISO/ASA range (equivalent) of 500 to 10,000!

All for a mere 30,000 Euros. Now, if they could just make it a BIT smaller.

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ConradGempf said...

The photo of the guy using it just made my day.

I so can't wait till they release their high-quality audio mobile phone!!