Monday, September 25, 2006

Bingo watch


Continuing the Handless Timewear project, EleeNo presents "Bingo"

Despite the association with a questionably cool pass time [sic], the time itself is definitely right on the ball. The all black face layout looks far better than your regular Bingo card.

If you're a Bingo player you can be the talk of the hall with this watch, otherwise you can appreciate the great design & forget about Bingo altogether.

Telling the time is deceptively simple. The outer dots are numbered 1-12 for the hours and the inner dots for minutes - there's a small red marker on the inner track which points to the minutes in a traditional manner.

Adjusting the strap to fit can be done at home by moving the pin along to your size & then just trimming off any excess from the polyurethane strap with scissors.

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