Thursday, April 20, 2006

High-quality free typefaces

FontShop is (for a limited time) offering these excellent typefaces as free downloads.

Baskerville Old Face: John Baskerville was an 18th Century English writing master, stonecutter, letter designer, typefounder and printer. His perfectionism intimidated other printers to such a degree that a group of them started a rumour that his printing damaged the eyes! He was admired by many, including Giabattista Bodoni and Benjamin Franklin.

Blackcurrant Cameo: A 70s-flavoured fun face.

FF Megano Medium Italic: The site blurb says, "Xavier Dupré's FF Megano manages to be aggressive and sweet at the same time... experience the wonderful dichotomy for yourself." To me it is a pleasantly legible postmodern semi-script. You decide.

F Dingbats: A nice bunch of pictograms. You can never have enough pictograms. Or numbers reversed out in circles.

Verdigris Regular: A no-nonsense modern serif with an elegant set of 'proper' numbers. You can never have enough 'proper' numbers.


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