Thursday, April 20, 2006

How small?

My eldest daughter, Sky (19-and-two-thirds), has just purchased a new mobile phone. It has the facility to accept a 'transflash' memory card. The one we ordered just arrived; a 1 gigabyte unit measuring 1 x 10 x 15mm (fingernail size). It cost less than three chart CDs.

The first external hard drive I possessed was bought for a Macintosh Plus in 1986. It was about 70 x 220 x 220mm, and weighed at least a kilogram. It was the largest capacity available at the time, 20 megabytes - 1/50th the capacity of the aforementioned memory card. And it cost me over £600.

I'm still in a mild state of shock.


Sky Jordan said...

Ah, technology, how it grows... or, actually, shrinks (physically)
Looking forward to holding and using my new phone! :P

Skep said...

...Brett, your journals are like busses. You wait days for one, and then FIVE come along all at once! :P

However, back on topic, I'll always be in shock at the prices of old computer hardware, it was ridiculously priced, for just the tiniest thing... AND people bought it! Craziness.

Anonymous said...

My first Mac (2/1984) cost $2500. My first laser printer cost $7000. These two purchases help me make millions of dollars. "Craziness". Perhaps, I should have waited until 2006 and I could have bought better and cheaper. Value ... not cost, is the consideration.

Matt said...

Anon, please enlighten us: how did you make millions of dollars with your first Mac?

brett jordan said...

The thought had crossed my mind... my mac pluses were a business success, but they failed to make me that much!

Teifion said...

There's a massive Hard Drive in my University, it's a good 10MB and it's bigger than a PC tower!

It cost the Professor £5000 and was considered a good deal at the time, it apparently also makes a noise like a helicopter but they don't use it so I can't confirm or deny it.

MadMax said...

Hard dsiks, my first was 12MB, was amazed with the size. had so many word docs, thought it was the state of the art. now watches come with more memory! gwash! to now think of toshiba's mini hdd! lesser than a 1quid coin!