Monday, June 10, 2019

Cowboy Electric Bicycle

The Verge reports: [edited]

Cowboy is a Belgian startup that currently employs 40 people. The company has recently raised €10 million in funding to leave home. The 2019 Cowboy will enter mass production in Poland and begin shipping to Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and France in July, with more countries to come.

The Cowboy I’ve been testing is a late-model prototype, probably 95 percent complete.

Riding the Cowboy is very similar to riding an Ampler Curt. Both bikes put the rider in a sporty position, offer a single belt-driven gear and near silent 250W rear-hub motor. Both are lightweight for e-bikes, the Cowboy is a bit heavier at 16.1kg. The Cowboy, however, provides noticeably more power from a standstill, helping you get started easier when under load or on an incline.

In fact, I find the torque sensor on the Cowboy to be perfectly tuned to my aggressive riding style. Push lightly on the pedal and the motor provides a light touch without feeling underpowered. Push harder and the bike responds with confidence. The pedal assist never felt too jerky or too weak, even on my prototype test bike.

Cowboy says it uses the latest Samsung 21700 lithium ion battery cells, instead of traditional 18650 cells, allowing them to claim a 70km range from a compact 360Wh battery.

The battery charges in 3 hours off a charging brick of Cowboy design. The bike can be switched from 25km/h (the EU limit) to 30km/h after you swipe away a disclaimer acknowledging your hooliganism. Belt drive is clean and maintenance free. Hydraulic brakes stop the bike with confidence.

Price: €1,990.

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