Friday, March 20, 2015

Tesla cars to get super-cruise-control update

The Register reports: [edited]

Tesla Motors supremo Elon Musk is used to promising a lot – but the latest update to the software in his all-electric cars seems to promise the impossible: the ability to magically turn them into self-driving vehicles.

In a conference call with journalists on Thursday, Musk said that in about three months, Tesla will push out version 7.0 of the cars' operating system, and that it would allow each car to drive from San Francisco to Seattle with little or no need for the human driver to touch a pedal or wheel.

For the moment this will only be enabled on freeways, suggesting the sensors in the front can identify white lines on the road, and keep the car between them, and also sense other vehicles around.

Looking even further ahead, Musk said future updates would include a system to call your car to your location using a smartphone app, and a way to send it automatically into a garage or parking space.

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