Friday, November 08, 2013

Pebble Smartwatch updates

Cult of Mac reports: [edited]

Today Pebble announced full support for iOS 7’s Notification Center and low-energy Bluetooth 4.0. In the past, you could only get push notifications from a limited number of iOS apps related to messaging, like Messages and Mail. Now, thanks to iOS 7, all third-party apps can send notifications directly to the Pebble, meaning that any apps you’ve enabled banner notifications for in iOS 7 will automatically push updates to the Pebble watch.

Pebble has also announced some interesting partners and new tools for developers to make better apps on the platform. Yelp, Foursquare, and GoPro are all partners with Pebble now, and they have apps in the works. Yelp will show you a list of recommended places near you, and you can shake your wrist to get a random recommendation. Foursquare will allow you to check in from your wrist. GoPro’s app will let you stop and start recordings and change settings like frame rate. According to Pebble, this is just the beginning in terms of big partners that are lined up.

Pebble’s 2.0 SDK for developers allows access to the accelerometer for fitness tracking, and a new Javascript API allows for better communication with the web in apps. Developers will also be able to store data directly on the Pebble instead of having to constantly push it from a smartphone. Better communication with Bluetooth will make it easier to pair your device with the Pebble—one of the biggest pains noted by early adopters.

The update to the iOS app with iOS 7 support should be available in the App Store soon.

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