Thursday, November 07, 2013

Caterham Bikes

Wired reports: [edited]

Caterham is best known for its stripped-down street cars.

Caterham Bikes is launching next year, and the first two-wheeler on offer is the Brutus 750, what the new division is calling the 'SUV of motorcycles'. It’s basically a quad cut in half, with a 750cc engine sending grunt to a continuously variable transmission.

Two other concepts join the Brutus. The Carbon E-Bike definitely has a 'classic' vibe to it, with a faux v-twin engine mounted in the triangle — likely stuffed with the electric motor.

Then there’s the Carbon E-Bike, which Caterham calls 'a premium bike with modern styling inspired by F1 technology'.

Caterham Bikes doesn’t give any specs, powertrain information, or prices for any of its new two-wheelers, but promises that the Brutus will go on sale this spring, with the two others arriving later in the year.

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