Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nest Protect

Wired reports: [edited]

Nest Labs, the team behind the Nest learning thermostat, has unveiled a new product called the Nest Protect, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

The Nest Protect includes a photoelectric sensor for smoke, a carbon monoxide detector and speaker. It also contains an ultrasonic activity sensor, which allows you to hush it by waving at it.

"Safety shouldn't be annoying," says Matt Rogers, Nest founder and vice president of engineering. "These products are supposed to keep us safe, yet people hate them. We wanted to change that".

To prevent the Nest Protect beeping in the night to let you know it has a low battery, it will briefly glow green when you switch a light out in the room - signalling all is well with the detector - or yellow, to tell you to check the batteries.

While the Nest Protect remains discreet, it does remind you of its presence by emitting a gentle white glow underneath, a bit like a nightlight to automatically light the way in the dark.

There is an accompanying smartphone app. The Protect checks itself regularly and will send notifications to the app when the battery is low. The app also lets you remotely check the status of your house using your phone, and makes guidelines and buttons to call straight through to the emergency services pop up on your screen in case of emergency.

Nest protect comes in both wired and battery versions, meaning professional installation isn't required. The Protect will cost £109 and will be available in November from Apple, Amazon and John Lewis, or direct from

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