Thursday, August 11, 2011

Using the iPhone in photojournalism

What I See Now has interviewed Teru Kuwayama, a photojournalist who uses an iPhone as his main camera. Excerpts follow:

What made you decide to use the iPhone rather than a more traditional camera to capture images?

I wanted to demonstrate that it isn’t about technology, and that journalism (whatever that means anymore) doesn’t require 'professional' gear. That said, I’ve been pretty amazed at how well the iPhone works as a camera, it might be the best piece of gear I’ve ever used.

What do you like about the iPhone camera?

The touchscreen design makes it more dustproof than any professional camera I know of, and it’s certainly the most discreet camera I’ve ever used. Most of the Marines I’m with have never seen me holding a 'camera' and probably don’t even know I’m a photographer. With a pocket-sized backup cell, I’ve got enough battery power to operate for a week, and after three months of using it as my primary camera, I’ve barely made a dent in the hard drive. Throw in audio, video, geotagging, and apps that do 90% of the 'darkroom' work — for someone coming from the analog world, it’s somewhere between science fiction and magic.

via Simon Jenkins

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