Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mark Noad redesigns Tube Map

Noad has updated the London Underground map, attempting to improve its geographical accuracy while maintaining its visual simplicity.

For Mark Noad's website click here

For a discussion of its design click here


Major Look said...
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Major Look said...

I think the original map has enough geographical feel to it and represents the North, South, East, West along with the relative position of the stations and is far less confusing at the major train stain intersections than this version.
This map looks like it is made of bendy straws and is about to topple over.
Nice idea, but doesn't beat the original idea/artwork.

soraneko said...

To add to this, surely part of the idea was that the original version took up less space? No one really cares exactly where these places are geographically. As an art piece it's interesting but I think the current/original has it down!