Friday, October 29, 2010

Windows Phone 7

TechRadar have produced a detailed review of Microsoft's latest mobile operating system. With the usual caveats (and remember this is the first release of the system), they are impressed.

Their conclusion:

"Get in, get out, get back to your life is Microsoft's mantra here. It's pitching Windows Phone 7 as the phone you'll love – but not so much that you'll be glued to it when you want to be doing other things."

"This works to a certain extent, with tiles that show detailed notifications and with the hubs and the apps that plug into them. Once you're into other apps, or browsing or media or games, you're going to spend as much time absorbed in Windows Phone 7 as any other smartphone."

"Despite the lack of power user features like replaceable storage and true multitasking, the quality of what is included is very good. Microsoft has delivered what it set out to do: a refreshingly different, truly engaging mobile OS. The user interface delights and there are standout innovations such as linking multiple contacts."

"The problem is that there are already other strong smartphone platforms on the market – Windows Phone 7 doesn't beat them hands down but it's a strong challenger that's only going to get better (especially because Microsoft will be sending updates out to all phones regularly, whatever the network or manufacturer) and you'll want to try it out to see if it suits you."

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