Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Source Forge reports: [edited]

There are a lot of ways to approach burning discs. Burn (for Mac OSX) keeps it simple, but still offers a lot of advanced options.

Burn your files to a disc so you can access them later on. Choose different filesystems so you can share your files with people with different operating systems.

Change advanced settings like, file permissions, the disc icon, file dates and more on the fly in Burns inspector.

Create standard Audio-CD discs. Just drop your audio files in Burns audio list. Want more music on your disc, Burn can create MP3 discs. Burn can also create DVD-Audio discs. Burn offers advanced options like CD-Text and mp3 tag editing to personalize your disc.

Burn can create a wide range of video discs. From VideoCD to DVD-Video discs. And DivX discs to fit more of your videos on a disc. Burn can create interactive menus. Choose a theme in Burn or create your own.

Burn can copy discs or use disk images to recreate your discs.

Burn will take your video and audio files and turns them in the right format.

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