Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Magimix Vision Toaster

- Glass sides allow visual monitoring of browning
- Wide, long, deep slots with auto self-centering for even toasting
- Extra lift lever lifts higher to remove small pieces
- Toasts 2 slices on 2 sides or 2 slices on 1 side
- Ideal for extra large bread, bagels or baguette slices
- Full length slide out crumb tray and opening glass windows
- Defrost, reheat and auto stop buttons



Major Look said...

I dunno - in some ways it makes the bread look like a prisoner who is then tortured by severe heat, and all the while you are looking on and enjoying its pain and suffering.

Or is that just me?

brett jordan said...

just you, you big softie!

Major Look said...

Have a look at this then:

brett jordan said...

they're not really saying that... you photoshopped those speech bubbles on!

Brook Terence Clive Jordan-McArdle said...

I thought that chopping the bread into slices killed it?
I feel bad for all the bread I've toasted now.
On a high note, it's only a little more than ten times the price of my toaster. Total impulse buy, this one!

Magimix Vision Toaster said...

They're not really saying that... you photo shopped those speech bubbles on.
Thanks for sharing with us.