Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Apple's iPhone-on-steroids measures 243 x 190 x 13mm, weighs 700g and has a 1024 x 768 pixel display.

To watch the obligatory slick video click here

For full specs click here

Available from late-March, prices start at $499.


AaB said...

Well summed up!

I'm not sure that I need an 'iPad', which has surprised me. Perhaps with the development of the apps from Adobe and the like my view will change, but right now it is as Stevie J says, 'a new category of device' and this category doesn't fit with my lifestyle.

What's that Brett, one for my birthday in August? Yes, please ;-)

AaB said...

I have now seen the promotional video.

I want one. Please.

brett jordan said...

i'm sure donna will get you one aaron :-)

Shaun said...

As usual, a thing of beauty. But I'll wait for the 3rd gen one, you know, the one with more VFM.

Shaun said...

Oh, and hopefully less DRM.

brett jordan said...

shaun: but all the fun you'll miss meantime... and re. drm, that's been fading on itunes for ages... none of the music i've bought has had it for over a year...