Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Living with the iPhone 3GS: Instapaper

The iPhone owes its success to a clever melding of elegant design and an intuitive operating system. Unlike most mobile phones, people are able to work out the basics of how to use an iPhone simply by playing with it.

The included 'Apps' (Mail, Safari, Phone, iPod, Maps...) are enough to keep most people happy for a long time. But the fast-growing (with a turnover estimated at around $2.4 billion this year) App Store is providing iPhone users with a wide range of useful (and not-so-useful) programs.

Over the coming weeks I will be reviewing the ones that I have found the most useful/enjoyable.

Instapaper ticks both boxes.

I regularly come across a web article that looks intriguing, but is too lengthy to read at that moment. Instapaper allows you to drag it to a bookmark in your browser's toolbar, which distills a text-only version, optimised for viewing on your iPhone. This is sent to Instapaper's server, and the next time you synchronise your iPhone, it gets uploaded, ready to be viewed when you have the time.

You can try it for free, by visiting Instapaper.com. And the full version is excellent value at just $5.

Thanks to Conrad for introducing me to Instapaper.

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