Wednesday, September 02, 2009

$1,000,000 wine book reports: [edited]

A $1 million wine book, weighing 30kg, is set to be released in the Spring of 2010. The Wine Opus will list the world’s top 100 wineries. Every purchaser of the book will also receive a six-bottle case of wine from every one of the 100 wineries listed.

The book is published by Kraken Opus, which has previously launched extravagant works on fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, Indian cricket ace Sachin Tendulkar and Argentine footballer Diego Maradona.

Only 100 copies of the book will be made – 25 have already been pre-ordered, with a number of copies set aside for auction.

via Kottke


BJMonkey said...

So that means 600 bottles of wine?
That could probably get you through the year!

brett jordan said...

yes, you're right, i have cut down a little recently... looking forward to receiving it as my christmas present :-)