Tuesday, June 09, 2009

iPhone 3G S announced

Apple have announced an upgraded version of their cash-cow.

– It's faster
– It does video
– It edits video
– Its camera has gained a megapixel
– It has voice control
– It has a compass (?)
– It cuts/copies/pastes
– It has MMS
– It has Spotlight
– You can use it as a modem

For a guided tour click here.


ConradGempf said...

you can only use it as a modem if your carrier allows it... I haven't yet heard that O2 will; it looks like AT&T are dragging their feet.

You forgot to mention Stereo Bluetooth!!!

brett jordan said...

yep... let's hope O2 are more progressive... and yes... STEREO BLUETOOTH!!! hurrah!

brett jordan said...

o2 will support tethering... but it'll cost ya


Mr Bill said...

... I have been wondering about getting an iPhone for a while, but now that it has a compass, I guess I'll have to get one - unless the next upgrade will see a small pair of scissors and a nail file included - mmm maybe I'd better hang on a tad more!

brett jordan said...

You mean your shoes don't have a compass in the heel? And apparently the scissors and nail file are an 'easter egg' accessible by taking a picture of yourself with the iphone while making an 'L' shape on your forehead with your thumb and index finger