Monday, June 08, 2009


Infamous is a non-linear 'sandbox' style game for the PS3, in which a bike messenger (Cole) survives a massive explosion and develops electricity-based powers.

With great power comes great responsibility (yes I know, I know...) and Cole soon finds himself using this power to fight various baddies in the dystopian Empire City.

My experience in videogaming stops at Scrabble on the Nintendo DS, or bowling on the Nintendo Wii, but watching Zak play the game was very enjoyable indeed.

The graphics are realistic, detailed and smoothly rendered, and Cole's super-powers are awesome enough to be impressive, without gifting him with the boredom of invulnerability.

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BigBadPete said...

I see you have mastered the subtlety of product placement in your photo. I hope that a nice cheque from McDonalds is in the post!!

brett jordan said...

One can dream :-)