Thursday, May 07, 2009

SXSW 2009 Free Tracks Review #2

SXSW 2009 posted 1267 songs for free download in March. So far I've listened to 586 of them. Here's half-a-dozen that I haven't deleted...

Hipster Girl - MC Lars: Lars is a 'Nerdcore' rapper. Think Weird Al Yankovic without the production budget and you'll be getting close. Some very funny observational stuff.

I'll Play What You Want - Toy Horses: If you've been thinking 'what the world really needs is a ukulele-playing band from Wales', you're in luck, as long as Scouting For Girls' lawyers don't get to them first.

4 To The Floor - Bang! Bang! Eche!: Frenetic punk dance, tight and probably highly danceable, in a 'jump-up-and-down-very-fast' sort of way.

I Fancy Laura Marling - Beans on Toast: Does what it says on the title. Ultra lo-fi busker-type fun. If you like it, there's loads more here.

My Best Friend's Hot - The Dollyrots: Girly neo-punk fun. Yep, that's about sums it up.

White Lies - My Dear Disco: A seven-and-a-half-minute electro-pop, funk, rock, techno workout. Complete with vocal modulation, a guitar & synthesiser solo and enough false stops to give any DJ a heart attack. Lovely.


Liam Byrnes said...

Thanks Brett, Ive downloaded them also but havent had a chance to get them onto my iPod yet, should keep me busy for a while.

brett jordan said...

there is plenty of good stuff in there... enjoy!