Thursday, March 12, 2009

Acer K10 travel projector

Register Hardware has reviewed Acer's latest 'micro-projector'. Excerpts follow, but the general feeling seems to be 'noisy but dim'.

"Its dimensions are a diminutive 127 x 122 x 52mm tall, including the rubber feet. The weight is 540g, but you need to add another 630g for the power brick."

"There is the LED light source, which has a rated life of 20,000 hours. That ought to mean that you'll never need to replace the lamp. The downside of the LED light source is a brightness rating of 100 lumens. The consequence is that the K10 has a projection distance of 0.6-2.4m and a diagonal picture size of 38-152cm."

"The projector was unpleasantly noisy. It’s not so much the volume of the cooling fan - 28dBA is very quiet - but the tone of the sound was annoying."

"We weren’t entirely happy with the picture quality despite the allowances we made for the limitations of the LED light source. We suspect this is due to the bizarre native resolution of 858 x 600."

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