Monday, January 12, 2009

Panasonic DMC-LX3, first thoughts

My Big Christmas Present To Myself (BCPTM™) this year was Panasonic's top-of-the-range compact. Having read various reviews, and downloaded and examined many sample images, I decided that it was worth trading my TZ3's huge zoom range for the LX3's promise of better quality pictures.

Having spent Christmas with my new toy, these are my impressions:

- Image quality is superb, less noise, more dynamic range
- The f2.0 aperture allows 'blurry backgrounds'
- Aperture, shutter and manual control options
- Superb macro ability
- Very fast response times
- RAW capability

- I miss the zoom range of the TZ3
- Actually bulkier to carry than the TZ3
- It has a lens cap you have to remove by hand!
- Images get VERY noisy above IS0 800


BJMonkey said...

Overall preferred or not?

brett jordan said...

Overall, yes, because image quality is so important to me that i'm willing to make compromises... however, the tz3 was a much more flexible camera for general-purpose photography, as i said, i am going to especially miss the long zoom range

BJMonkey said...

But not the compromise of carrying something... eer... 'luggy'?

brett jordan said...

Exactly... so many of the pictures that i capture happen because i have the camera with me at the time, although having spent some time with a nikon d3 before christmas, i am aware that there is a massive difference in quality between the lx3 and a hi-end dslr