Friday, November 28, 2008


VuNow reports: [edited]

Verismo's VuNow is the only solution that provides everything a consumer wants [!!? - Ed]. Access to the broadest online content, simple to use, easy to install, and compact in size — all at an affordable price.

- A Standard and a High Definition model of the VuNow PoD

- Support for wired or wireless connectivity

- Navigation using a TV-friendly user interface

- Watch YouTube videos on TV

- Search for videos with the built-in search engine

- Download videos using BitTorrent

- Watch videos directly from popular websites by categories

- Watch live TV channels from around the world

- Access to personal media such as video, music, and photos

- No subscription fees


BJMonkey said...

Watch TV with no subscription fees?

What's their name for the subscription fees then?

Shaun said...

I like the idea it plays hi-def MKV files. Any idea what it's going to cost?

brett jordan said...

yep, i like it as well... the base price in the us seems to be $99... past that things seem to get a bit sketchy! I'm going to check back on the site mid-december... if the hi-def version is available, i'll probably take a chance on purchasing it...