Thursday, July 03, 2008

JVC P-Series TVs

Register Hardware reports: [edited]

JVC’s latest line of HD TVs include all the usual features you’d expect, including HD resolution and HDMI ports. But the range also boasts one slightly quirky feature: an iPod docking station.

The P-Series consists of a 32in, 42in, 47in and 52in model, all of which have a TeleDock flip-down iPod dock integrated into the stand. Once docked, users control both gadgets through the TV’s remote control, which also features a circular controller similar to the one on the iPod.

In addition to playing your iPod’s musical library through the telly’s built-in speakers, the player is also being charged. Several video modes let you play content at varying resolutions. You can even listen to music while a TV programme’s displayed on-screen.

The three largest screen sizes each boast a 1080p resolution, but anyone opting for the 32in model will have to make do with a 720p resolution.

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Brett's 2p'orth:
Why has the iPod been put in such a visually distracting position? I find the green LED on the right-hand side of my plasma's screen distracting enough, let alone a separate mini-screen positioned dead-centre!

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