Monday, July 14, 2008

Bic to market 'disposable' phone

Digital Lifestyles reports: [edited]

BIC, famous for disposable pens and lighters, is launching the BIC Phone in France.

As with their other products, the BIC Phone focuses on core functions - making and receiving phone calls & texts.

Available in two colours, citrus orange and lime green, the USP of the BIC mobile phone is that it’s ready to go when you buy it - the BIC Phone is charged and ready to go with 60 minutes of credit onboard.

It’s going to be available, from around September, only in France, in major supermarkets and local convenience stores for 49 Euros.


Major Look said...

I am sure it will be a big hit with terrorists and organised crime syndicates as they can have phones that are so much harder to trace much cheaper now ;-)

brett jordan said...

Nah... they look WAY too uncool for baddies to use 'em... I've seen the movies, and they always use the latest Motorola flips :-)

soraneko said...

So they decide to release them AFTER we've been in the country? How rude are they!

brett jordan said...

VERY rude... i refer you to a previous blog entry as evidence :-)

Simon said...

So by disposable do they mean cheap enough to be used once and thrown in the bin. Because to me fifty euro sounds a bit expensive to be "disposable".

Andrew said...

This concept is nothing new as there are already disposable phones out there, but Bic might make it cheaper so its a win-win for everyone.