Monday, February 11, 2008

Your mother was a hamster...

Sky News reports: [edited]

A new series of Mr Men sees Mr Rude speaking with a French accent - the only foreign-sounding character on the show. Mr Rude appears on the programme's official website telling viewers how rude he can be and blowing raspberries.

Chorion, the makers of the new show, defended the use of a French accent for Mr Rude.

"It is a kids' comedy show, it is not meant to be offensive or anything like that. It is very light-hearted," said a spokeswoman.

The show will feature four new characters including Little Miss Daredevil, based on a performance stunt rider, who wears a crash helmet, white heels and a rocket pack. Other characters will get a makeover, with Mr Strong no longer a square but boasting broader shoulders, a narrower waist and bulging biceps.

The Mr Men Show will air on Five's Milkshake! on February 25 at 7.30am.

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