Thursday, May 22, 2008


Subway is the first Luc Besson film I watched. Time Out raved about it on its cinematic release, and a couple of years later it caught my eye in the (tiny) 'World' section at my local Blockbusters.

Like Diva this is a film that is as much about style as it is about substance. And, like Diva, it plays pick'n'mix with genres and themes. One minute action, next minute noir, with generous helpings of humour and romance.

Plot-wise it is even weaker than Diva, but the film is such a visual treat that it doesn't matter. Treated as an extended music video it makes sense. The (pure 80s) soundtrack is excellent and any film that includes a rollerskate chase through a subway, a drum solo from Jean Reno and a screaming tantrum from Isabelle Adjani can't be all bad.


cecilia said...

Muy buena historia, divertida, excelente reparto y completa.

brett jordan said...

thank you natalia... my spanish is non-existent, so i'm assuming you wrote something like "Very good history, funny, excellent distribution and completes"