Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sigma DP1 review

Digital Photography Review has published an in-depth review of Sigma's pro-orientated compact. The reviewer isn't impressed, here are a few excerpts from his conclusion:

"One can only encourage the Sigma engineers to go back to the drawing board and continue the promising work they have done so far. Let's also hope that a few of the 'big boys' can see the potential of the DP1 and present their interpretation of the concept in the not too distant future. The prospect of a DP1-like camera with reasonable speed, DSLR-like High ISO performance and a zoom or interchangeable lenses would be more than tantalizing."

"As it stands though the DP1 has not been developed to its full potential and can only really be recommended for landscape photography (and similar applications) in reasonable light and to photographers who can live with a frustratingly slow speed of operation and the other shortcomings..."

"In the vast majority of situations you'd be better off with a good 'conventional' compact camera and even if you think the DP1 would serve your specific purposes well you'll have to decide if you're willing to shell out the premium that Sigma is asking for."

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