Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Samsung to launch 256GB solid-state drive

Electronista reports: [edited]

Samsung has promised a breakthrough in solid-state drives with the launch of its first 256GB SSD. It reads sequential data at 200MB per second, twice the rate of the original [128GB] model, while also seeing an even greater increase in write speeds: where the earlier drive writes at 70MB per second, the new SSD writes at 160MB per second.

This comes in a 9.5mm chassis, and Samsung has managed to develop a multi-level cell (MLC) storage drive that transfers as quickly as the best SLC storage while costing much less to produce than past SSDs. Improvements to the storage controller have also extended the longevity to as long as SLC drives, giving the drive longevity as good or better than rotating hard disks.

Samsung expects its new drive to be sampling for computer manufacturers by September and shipping to those clients by the end of the year; this applies to both a 2.5-inch drive for more traditional notebooks and a 1.8-inch drive for ultraportables.

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