Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Canon EOS 450D

Digital Photography Review have just published an in-depth review of Canon's latest sub-£500 DSLR (including 18-55mm lens). They are impressed.

Excerpts from the conclusion include:

"The new sensor is superb, and from a resolution point of view puts the EOS 40D to shame without losing any of the high ISO performance that has been Canon's trump card for so long."

"The EOS 450D is capable of superb results and it has a feature set that offers an excellent balance between beginner-friendly ease of use and the manual control / customization demanded by those wanting something a little more serious."

"The stabilized 18-55mm lens is a distinct improvement on some of Canon's earlier kit zooms. That said, you really need to be using primes and pro-level zoom lenses to really see what the sensor is capable of.

"The EOS 450D isn't without its annoying foibles and weaknesses... but virtually all the things we found to complain about can be dealt with easily if you know your way around a camera, or by shooting RAW if you don't like Canon's processing.

"...compared to many of its competitors the EOS 450D feels like a more 'sorted' camera."

"...if you want to move to the next level of image quality and performance, and are prepared to take control of parameters (and ideally shoot raw) to get the best possible results, the EOS 450D is an easy recommendation."

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