Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Laser-etched skateboard art

refillseven.com reports: [edited]

Seven is an exhibition of lasered skateboard art. A world first of its kind Seven allows artists to explore the idea of lasering away at the seven layers of ply to make their mark on the board.

A select group of artists have contributed their works to explore this new technology. Only 50 will be produced per artist. The aim of the show is to have a series of unique decks that collectors may choose to ride or display. The exhibition will have its first show in Sydney Australia scheduled in early March, to be followed by New York, L.A and scheduled tour of Europe.

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Brett's 2p'orth: To appreciate how intricate this laser-etching is visit their flickr page and click on the 'all sizes' option.


soraneko said...

Thank you for the flickr link, I was just thinking "so?", but that's pretty incredible :) x

brett jordan said...

Yep, 400 x 300 pixels doesn't really do it justice :-)

Glad you liked it!

Your ever-luvvin' dad