Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm off to New York!

In January I received a letter from my credit card provider informing me that they were opting out of the Airmiles scheme. To make sure they didn't end up getting 'lost' I used part of my allocation to book a return flight to New York, leaving April 11, returning April 14.

So, 140 bus willing, I will be stepping into Heathrow's Terminal 4 in the early hours of tomorrow morning. I'm travelling with hand luggage only, but that will include my laptop and camera. And I'm staying with a friend's sister, who has broadband. So there is every chance that I'll get the chance to update my blog and flickr stuff.

But if it all goes quiet for a few days, it's because I'm spending every minute of my time enjoying the US's most populous city.

Image courtesy of Stuck in Customs


soraneko said...

Have fun, pappy! Love you! Buy me something nice! ;)

brett jordan said...

thank you lovely daughter... so, a macbook air?

Mr Bill said...

Make that 2 x MacBook Air :-)

Enjoy yourself (or at least try to ;-)

AaB said...

WOW! How exciting.

Have a great time, New York is awesome.
Look forward to seeing you on your return!

"Hand luggage on the way out, 2 XXXL suitcases on the return leg Mr.Jordan?"

Big Bad "Fingers" Pete said...

So I've got all weekend to "acquire" that projector TV etc that I've read about !!!!

Jason Clark said...

Have great time!