Tuesday, February 19, 2008


PC World reports: [edited]

Straight from the august maker of Frank Lloyd Wright office furniture, in association with the respected Mayo Clinic, comes the Walkstation - a combination computer desk and treadmill.

This treadmill is capable of a maximum speed of 2 mph, in 0.1-mph increments. By standing and walking at a leisurely pace, you'll burn as many as 100 extra calories per hour, elevate your base metabolic rate, and increase your focus and productivity, according to Mayo research.

A privacy screen and near-silent operation make the Walkstation usable in open-cubicle settings, and you can order it in any of Steelcase's usual wide array of colors and finishes.

The Steelcase Walkstation retails at $6,500.

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Teifion said...

That's awesome, I think I need one to burn all the calories that I acquire from a Pizza filled diet.