Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keg, UFO and pig-shaped speakers

Gizmodo reports: [edited]

Whether it's pigs, UFOs or beer kegs, there’s a Miidio Vibro speaker for you and, for £50-£80, you too can turn any household surface into a speaker. That’s the claim, anyhow.

Hook it up via 3.5mm jack to any MP3 player and place your vibro speaker on any solid surface like a table, shelf or window ledge and watch it do its thing. The inner core and base plate drive sound waves downwards causing the surface of whatever it's sitting on to vibrate and amplify the sound. The three on offer are the:

Miidio UFO - Funky, retro and chic, this speaker is shaped to look like a classic UFO in high-shine metal-look red, white or black and comes with an integrated volume control. RRP £69.99

Miidio Keg - in matt silver or matt black, this compact speaker is made of machined metal with an integrated volume control. RRP £79.99

Miidio Piggy - in the shape of a pig with a brightly coloured nose and detailing in green, pink or blue. RRP £49.99

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