Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yahoo! reports: [edited]

A Dutch company has squeezed a display the size of two business cards into a gadget no bigger than other mobile phones - by making a screen that folds up when not in use.

The 13-cm display of Polymer Vision's "Readius" is the world's first that folds out when the user wants to read news, blogs or email and folds back together so that the device can fit into a pocket.

"You get the large display of e-reading, the super battery life of e-reading, and the high-end connectivity ... and the form factor and weight of a mobile phone," said Karl McGoldrick, chief executive of the venture capital-funded firm.

"We are taking e-reading and bringing it to the mobile phone."

He would not say how much the Readius would cost, but said it would be comparable to a high-end mobile phone.

Like Amazon's Kindle, the Readius has a so-called electronic paper screen, which displays black-and-white text and images that look almost like they have been printed on paper.

The device connects to the Internet using the third-generation mobile phone networks with high data speeds.

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Skep said...

OMG, this is *BEYOND* awesome! All they need to do is have a little steampunk/industrial fanatic mod it and give it bumble-bee stripes and brushed aluminium, and we have the future.

Seriously though, this is incredible. Finally, somebody making a digital device that grows when you want to use it. More devices need to be made like this.