Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kontrapunkt reports: [edited]

On October 22 2004 Kontrapunkt was awarded the Danish Design Prize for best typeface. The awarded typeface is our own corporate typeface.

Design of new typefaces has during the past 20-25 years focused on the development of new serif and sans serif fonts. Both in Denmark and internationally. We have been focusing on the development of a new slab serif in Kontrapunkt.

We believe that this almost forgotten typeface deserves to be reinterpreted in a modern context, and on an equal level with the other, more popular typefaces. The aim has been to develop a distinct font, with regards to both the inidividual character and the overall image as such. The typeface has so far been developed in a light, light italic and bold version.

Please feel free to use the font - just don’t resell it. And please drop us a line if you use the font.

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