Thursday, July 05, 2007

Google's next move?

The Register reports: [edited]

It's only a matter of time before Google unveils a full-fledged online operating system. This week, Microsoft's biggest rival rolled out a new version of Docs & Spreadsheets - its online answer to Word and Excel - adding Windows-like folders, an improved search engine, and an all-around prettier interface.

Previously, Docs & Spreadsheets organized files using a tagging method reminiscent of Gmail, Google's web-based email client. With the addition of folders, the service feels much more like a classic desktop GUI. You can even move documents from folder to folder via drag and drop.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said the company will eventually add a PowerPoint-like presentation builder to its online office suite. Over the past two weeks, the company added a PowerPoint viewer to Gmail and announced the acquisition of Zenter, a startup with an existing online presentation tool.

This story was written and saved on Docs & Spreadsheets. And I didn't miss Microsoft in the slightest.


soraneko said...

Excellent :3 I know I was using Docs and Spreadsheets a while ago during my IT lesson things so that I could easily get them when I was at home... unfortunately it didn't support Safari (or Safari didn't support it?), does it now?

brett jordan said...

Google claim they are working on making it compatible with Safari, but Firefox supports it.