Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Homes for the confused & bewildered

Reached this old Newsweek article via Boing Boing: [edited]

Most people, in choosing a new home, look for comfort: a serene atmosphere, smooth walls and floors, a logical layout. Nonsense, says Shusaku Arakawa, a Japanese artist based in New York. He and his creative partner, poet Madeline Gins, [have designed] a small apartment complex in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka that is anything but comfortable and calming.

"People, particularly old people, shouldn't relax and sit back to help them decline," he insists. "They should be in an environment that stimulates their senses and invigorates their lives."

With that in mind, Arakawa and Gins designed a building of nine apartments known as Reversible Destiny Lofts. Painted in eye-catching blue, pink, red, yellow and other bright colors, the building resembles the indoor playgrounds that attract toddlers at fast-food restaurants.

Inside, each apartment features a dining room with a grainy, surfaced floor that slopes erratically, a sunken kitchen and a study with a concave floor. Electric switches are located in unexpected places on the walls so you have to feel around for the right one. A glass door to the veranda is so small you have to bend to crawl out.

You constantly lose balance and gather yourself up, grab onto a column and occasionally trip and fall. Even worse, there's no closet space; residents will have to find a way to live there, since the apartment offers only a few solutions. "You'll learn to figure it out," says Arakawa.

Ten minutes of stumbling around is enough to send even the healthiest young person over the edge. Arakawa says that's precisely the point. "[The apartment] makes you alert and awakens instincts, so you'll live better, longer and even forever," says the artist.


soraneko said...

Trust the japanese to believe that nearly killing yourself will make your life better! ... errr, that sounds worse than it was meant to... but still, how on Earth is being unable to balance or find/store anything going to help?

""You'll learn to figure it out," says Arakawa"
That'll be code for "Ok, we can't figure out a quirky way to do this, so you can do that..." isn't it?

brett jordan said...