Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The floodgates open...

As the Apple faithful count the days until the iPhone is released, the predicted wave of 'flattery' has begun.

The Samsung Ultra Smart F700 promises:

- Touch screen AND a QWERTY keypad (why both?)
- Vibration feedback from the touch-screen
- Camera: 5.0-Megapixel with Auto-Focus
- Display: 262,744 TFT (440 x 240 pixels)
- MMS / Email / Java / WAP 2.0
- Bluetooth / USB (no WiFi!)
- Flash UI / Document Viewer
- Full HTML Browsing
- Expandable Memory: microSD
- Size: 104 x 50 x 16.4mm
- Weight: unspecified!


soraneko said...

And yet they can't make their current model ring and vibrate at the same time!

If this happens though, it's very pretty (you know, like the iPhone, but black)

Stewf said...

I'm stoked about the iPhone, but I'd rather use a hardware keyboard.

brett jordan said...

hi stewf

thanks for your comment

the problem with small keyboards is that they are "nother fyshe nor fleshe, nor good red hearyng"... they are either too bulky to carry, or too small to use... so, i'd probably go for losing the bulk, and putting up with a touch-sensitive screen for occasional data input

if the iphone becomes more of a laptop replacement, then i'd probably invest in a portable bluetooth keyboard for input work