Monday, January 08, 2007

Post Office Pictionary

The Sun reports: [edited]

Paul Bates sent a Christmas card to a long-lost pal in this envelope with NO street name, NO town, NO postcode — yet it arrived!

The steel worker, 48, had forgotten the name of the town workmate Peter O’Leary moved to from Neath, South Wales, three years ago.

But he recalled Peter had pointed it out on a map. So he put a dot on a sketch of the South West Peninsula, wrote “somewhere here” and hoped for the best.

Amazingly the card arrived at Peter’s home in Bude, North Cornwall, nine days later — after his postie recognised the name in a local sorting office.

The pals are now back in contact and plan to meet soon. Peter, 48, now a driving instructor, said: “It was very inventive.”


Major Look said...

Better story at:

He was from Wales!!

The best part is at the end of the article:

The pair managed to meet up over the new year for a drink.

"I'm a bit of a celebrity here in Corus - everybody's talking about it," he added.

"I haven't got his address and he hasn't got my address either - we still haven't sorted that out."

brett jordan said...

Nice... thanks Major.