Friday, January 05, 2007

Hard drives go solid state

Sandisk has begun production of a 1.8", 32GB flash-based hard drive.

Intended for high-end PDAs and ultra-light laptops, the disk is:

- more robust than a conventional hard drive (mean time between failures of 2 million hours, or 229 years!)

- more energy efficent (0.4 watt during active operation versus 1.0 watt for a conventional 1.8" hard drive)

- faster (sustained rate of 62MBps) more than 100 times faster than HDDs for random 512B reads

(all figures supplied by Sandisk)


Skep said...

Excellent. Now all we need is our 1TB solid-state 3.5" drives and we're set.

Wonder how much cheaper solid-state is in comparison to current tech at today's capacities?

brett jordan said...

Hi Skep

Flash memory currently costs about £12 per GB.

You can pick up a 500gb 'moving parts' hard drive for £100.

And with Seagate recently predicting that their new technologies will allow them to squeeze 300 TERABYTES of information on a standard 3.5-inch drive by 2010, I don't think we'll be seeing the death of the 'old-school' drives any time soon!